Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Call Me Crazy Maybe

Yesterday I began doing Debbie Siebers’ Body Dynamix workout—seven different workouts on two DVDs.  I haven’t exercised, really exercised in a while.  So excited to get back to moving my body.

Wait? Who is this? Is this me, the person who hates exercising and sweating writing about being excited to exercise?

Yep.  Let’s face it, I need to exercise if I want to be pain free and I really, really want to be pain free.

Day One I did the Body Insurance workout, which is more a warm up than a real workout. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. It was really the perfect way for me to start.  A gentle workout designed for older people and people who, like me, have physical limitations.

So far I love it. I love that the three women behind Debbie Siebers are not young and slender.  I want to know what Siebers’ secret is because she has hardly changed and is still so slender. How?  (Debbie Seibers, if you ever read this, I’m serious.  What’s your secret?)  I only had to hold myself back on one move—a very small move where you push your knee ever-so-slightly forward. Ouch. I held the warrior type pose instead of doing the small move. This frustrated me because this move is supposedly to be beneficial, strengthening the tendons and such around the knee.

In other words, the one move that is supposed to be most beneficial for my knee is the one I cannot do because my knee hurts.  Wouldn’t you be frustrated too?

So yeah, this is me. Me who doesn’t like to exercise frustrated by the fact that I can’t exercise starting a new exercise program.  Sound crazy?  You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet!

I hope you’re doing something crazy this year.  If you are, tell me what it is.  Please.  Let me know I’m not alone in trying something crazy.

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