Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Day Three of Body Dynamix

Day Two of doing Body Dynamix.  And only doing it because, after doing the Yoga Flow and Poses workout. 

Now let me confess:  I don’t like doing flowing yoga practices. Ashtanga.  Vinyasa.  No and no.  I am a Hatha Yoga gal.  Slow asanas that you hold and breathe into, exploring each before moving onto the next.  Love love love the slow and easy yoga practices.  

Good news.  Yoga Flow and Poses isn’t going to make you go from a Plank to a Downward Dog to a Warrior I let alone Warrior III.  Debbie Siebers moves oh-so-slowly from pose to pose and some are held for a few deep breaths. If you are one of those people who hate to hold a pose for too long (Who are you?  What’s wrong with you?  I’m kidding.  Truly.  I get it.  But I digress.), I promise you won’t get bored.

I felt a little sore. Not deeply sore, which is good.  I don’t expect to be deeply sore.  Kinda why I chose these DVDs to be my first after not exercising for a while.  

But I did have a few issues with this workout because Siebers didn’t clarify a few essential things. In one highly modified triangle pose, you raise your one arm up and over and place your other hand on the outside of your leg.  At no point does she tell you not to put your hand on your knee.  Depending on your flexibility, you may not even be able to reach your knee but, for those who are, this is a simple and very important instruction.  

Also, when doing the warrior poses, the knee should be directly over the ankle, no matter how deep or shallow you are in the pose.  But watching the women on the screen, I saw several incidents where the knee is not over the ankle. 

Maybe I’m overly critical when it comes to knee things because my knee is injured and I’m in recovery.  Mind you, these criticisms didn’t keep me from continuing with the workout and will not stop me from doing it again.  I just wish these very important clarifications were offered.

Do you want to ask me something?  Please do.  I’m open to questions.

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